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Sony A9 / A9II Remote Cameras

I will often setup remote cameras when I cover sport events.

Having been a Canon DSLR user for a long time, the installation process became kind of an automatism. So when I bought Sony camera I thought it would be as easy to setup as my old Canon but I quickly realized that there is some differences between a mirrorless and a DSLR camera.

I searched the web for answers but I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I tested quite a bit of things and decided to share the results of my experimentations with you!


- 2x PocketWizard Plus III

- S-VPR1-ACC Cable

- PocketWizard Pedal

- 2 Sony A9


1. You can't trigger the remote camera using the hotshoe on you main camera if you are shooting with the electronic shutter. To bypass that you need to use a second S-VPR1-ACC Cable connected to the Multi-Micro USB of you main camera. It will allow you to keep using your electronic shutter and remotely control another camera. If you use the mechanical shutter of your main A9, you are not going to need the second cable and you will be able to shoot the same way you would with a DSLR.

2. The S-VPR1-ACC is a pre-trigger cable, meaning that the camera won't go to sleep.

3. PocketWizard aren't meant to match the frame rate per second (fps) of the A9, but you will be able to achieve somewhere between 17 and 18 frames per second. If you are using the electronic shutter, you can also mismatch the fps of your two cameras and still get the most out of both.

I will try to update this post on a regular basis as I gather more information. Also, in another post I will go deeper on the technical side of how to setup remote cameras. Stay tuned!